Editor’s Note: Busy season

Dear Reader: I wanted to take a few moments and catch you up on the state of things here at the Metuchen Bureau.

I’m hoping to post more frequently, but my day job is making it tough to keep up with consistent posts on the blog. Part of that is because I do a good amount of reporting before posting, unlike other blogs with which you might be familiar, where the bloggers simply post every time something pops into their heads.

I could do that but by the time I get home my head is fairly empty. I blame that not on my day job but on New Jersey Transit, which seems to have trouble accomplishing its most basic job of getting people into the city in a timely manner.

Anyway, things are easing up at work which should free up some time for me to write more frequent posts. I’m also considering adding some coverage of school board meetings. I was thinking of finding someone to go cover school board meetings on a volunteer basis. Maybe a young, journo student or a retiree looking for some laughs. If you know anyone, hit me up!

Police stuff: On another note, we posted a story about a drug raid last month, which generated more clicks than I could have ever imagined this blog could generate. The story, based on a police report, included the names of the people arrested.

I kept that post up for a few days and then took it down. I decided to institute a policy whereby the blog will continue to cover significant police activities, leaving most police reports with names up for three days and then taking them down. This is enough time to give readers a chance to read the info, which is in the public interest.

My rationale for removing the posts is that I want to be fair to those whose names appear in a criminal context. In a regular newspaper, names of those charged are in front of eyeballs for a day, and then everyone moves on to the next edition. The internet, on the other hand, never forgets.

“What we say on the internet, echoes in eternity,” Russell Crowe said in Gladiator, probably.

Let me know what you think.

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